Tamara Rose

Quick Dry Pro-V Thermal 25 Brush

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The Tamara Rose Quick Dry Pro-V Thermal 25 Brushes are ceramic coated barrel with ion charged bristles.

Copper Ceramic Technology

  • Barrel heats up twice as fast & retains heat much longer
  • Advanced thermal reflection for gentler heat
  • The barrel is ultra-fast drying without heat damage
  • Create superior & longer-lasting hairstyles

Heat Resistant Bristles

  • Unmatched heat resistance up to 290°C
  • Soft-tip bristles
  • The tips of the bristles are polished & rounded to be gentle on hair & scalp

Unique Patented Design

  • Made of high-grade polycarbonate materials
  • Heat & chemical resistant
  • Ringless assembly eliminates snags & hair pulling

Ultra lightweight & perfectly balanced

  • Vent Barrel
  • Unique hole pattern
  • Greater airflow
  • Less drying time & faster styling

Tourmaline Ionic Technology

  • Enhances cuticle hydration
  • Eliminates frizz & fly-aways
  • Hair is healthier & shinier
  • Anti-static

Ergonomic Handle

  • Patented design for smooth rotation and anti-slip grip
  • Ergonomic shape for relaxed hand & stress-free wrist
  • Comfortable latex-free high-quality handle
  • Retractable sectioning pick